We design products with a great attention to detail.

We have an experience of working at international level, understanding of mass scale production, knowledge of different materials and techniques, budget control as well as safety issues. We always care about detail and durable construction but most of all we care about the user.

︎ Dashes, project of minimalistic set of furniture ︎ Sofa Spectra for Olta brand



We constantly observe, talk, watch and search. We carefully analyse gathered information and use them during the conceptual phase to create more accurate products.

Unique shape

We start with the blank piece of paper which we fill with the unique ideas based on our experience and sense of aesthetics. We sketch, draw, sew and experiment with the form to find new and fresh shapes matched to the brief.


We are making prototypes on our own. We quickly verify our ideas and change them to create safe and durable products.

Marta Morawska-Omalecka
Product & Furniture Design 

+48 695 955 435

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