The design of a wallet answers the needs of both: seeing people and the blind. Attractive and handy, but at the same time equipped with the elements which help the blind distinguish different banknotes and coins.

Project has been awarded a distinction diploma in the international design competition Make Me! 2013.

The banknotes pocket is shaped in a manner that corresponds to the size of different banknotes. On the flap of the purse there is a model of a 50-grosz coin so it can be told apart from the similar 20-grosz one (other coins do not usually cause such a problem, as they differ in size and weight). One corner of the wallet is rounded which helps to navigate by touch.

The wallet was created in cooperation with the Vis Maior Foundation which promotes the participation of people with sight disabilities in everyday social life. Thanks to consulting the blind people from the foundation it was easy to define the most important problems that can be solved by the design of the wallet.

Project info

Client: Vis Maior foundation
Year: 2012
Material: Leather
Photo credits: Agata Matlak-Lutyk
Video: Justyna Buba Purzycka
Awards: Make me! distinction diploma

Marta Morawska-Omalecka
Product & Furniture Design 

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